Reference: Liquid ICX

Liquid ICX

Smart Contract Development & Token-Issuing
Make ICON’s native token liquid

What is the project about

LICX is a token built on the ICON network that allows users to move the native ICX cryptocurrency while still receiving staking rewards that the ICON network provides.


Because we are deeply involved with the blockchain space and we can recognize a lot of potential use cases. LICX is one of the projects that brings a lot of value to the ICON network especially in the future expansion of decentralized applications.

block42’s role

We fully developed the protocol from scratch.

Purpose of the project

Protocols that want to use ICX need to provide more value than the staking rewards from staking. Using LICX instead provides the users the ability to receive the staking rewards as well as use the protocols who integrate it.

Project duration

The initial version of the protocol took 4 months to develop. Currently we are still improving the protocol to provide more options to holders of LICX and to create a better user experience as well as implementation with more protocols.

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