Reference: Icon Bridge

Icon Bridge

Blockchain integration
Connecting blockchain-based applications to the masses

What is the project about

ICON Bridge is a widget that is easily implemented by other protocols. It allows non-crypto users to connect to dapps built on blockchain. Users operate with fiat currency balances in the ui, while on blockchain the interaction happens through a stable coin.


In collaboration with ICX station and Parrot 9 team we have started planning how to bring the project to life. Integrating with Fortmatic and Prime Trust allowed us to provide a solution that has a simple UI and great functionality.

block42’s role

block42 provided all developer resources for creating backend, frontend and smart contracts needed for the project to function.

Purpose of the project

The project reduces the barrier of interaction with blockchain dapps. It combines the familiarity of using everyday fiat currencies (e.g. USD, EUR…) and the decentralization and transparency of blockchain.

Project duration

Full development of the project took 7 months.

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