at least when it comes to blockchain technology.

We envision a world of shared prosperity

block42 was founded to tackle two main issues we see nowadays: On the one hand these are inefficient, unreliable and badly-designed services and processes. On the other hand we witness an excessive centralization of power, wealth and influence by a few. Both of them are major roadblocks to a more prosperous world. We want to change that and we believe blockchain technology, used in the right way, has the power for that transformation.
We accelerate the growth and adoption of open, decentralized blockchain networks.
Our mission is to leverage existing blockchain networks the best we can. We do not build our own blockchain protocol, but build upon other future-proof frameworks.

Why 42?

Many times we get asked why we named our company block42. Why not 41? 43? Or 100? The answer is easy. 42 is known as the answer to life, to universe and everything. This phrase became famous in the science fiction book The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams.

Our Values

Blockchain stands for transparency and so do we!
Transparency | Honesty
Communication is key
Feedback | Communication | Respect | Appreciation
Fail Forward
Growth Mindset | Constantly Improve | Learn from failure
Excel in getting your sh*t done
Ownership | Responsibility | Hiqh Quality
Break and rebuild
Flexibility | Agility | Innovation
Unity through diversity
Individuality | Open Mindset

We are a distributed team residing all over the world

Life at block42

(*) at least voted by us ;-)


Current Open Positions
Don’t see an open position in line with your skill set or do you have an idea how you can help us achieve our mission? Send us a speculative application to

Our Partners

Member of Moshbit

block42 is embedded in the Moshbit company group where it gains extensive support from it. Moshbit unites several ventures following its vision of building the digital tomorrow.
Currently Moshbit focuses on Studo - the most successful students app in the German speaking region, Talto - an employer branding platform preparing corporates for its generation Z employees and block42 the Blockchain Company.
Altogether, more than 50 motivated people are working together at an amazing rooftop office at the center of Graz/Austria.