Investing into the future of Finance

Investment Thesis

The internet democratized content and information, blockchains will democratize value and trust. Thus blockchain networks are creating the internet of value and ownership. The Web 3.0.

We believe open and permissionless blockchain networks are a radical 0-to-1 innovation which will disrupt most of the existing tech infrastructure. This enables totally new possibilities, like the ownership transfer of Digital Money, Digital Contracts or Digital Assets without any intermediaries.

How we do it

By using fundamental analysis, we are examining token valuation, technical protocol level research and on-chain data analytics. We invest in digital assets of token-based networks that address tangible use cases, demonstrate signs of product-market fit and have compelling token economic models. Beyond that, we partner with the founders and teams and help them reach their vision with development support and by active network participation.

Focus Areas

Decentralized and Open Finance
The creation of an open financial system enables global access to financial services and products without any of the barriers known in centralized financial systems.
Web 3.0 Infrastructure Protocols
Infrastructure protocols are the middleware built across various blockchain networks and used to create applications. These are the building blocks of the internet of value and ownership.
Public Blockchains
Public blockchains are the foundation of open and permissionless networks. They enable the secure storage and transfer of value in the new decentralized internet.

Node Operations

To secure the blockchains of our core networks, we provide validator nodes, securing digital assets worth millions of dollars.


It isn’t enough to buy and hold digital tokens to disrupt any industry. Active participation in development, protocol design, governance and protocol security are all part of the complex process of making a blockchain protocol successful. We are at the bleeding edge of this technology. We accelerate the growth and adoption of our investments by ...

Operating Validator Nodes

The operation of own blockchain nodes supports the security of our supported decentralized networks.

Active Governance

Active participation in governance and the active submission of suggestions for improvement contributes to the success of the project.

Blockchain Development

We support our projects through active software development. We take on core developments or the creation of useful tools.