Reference: Battery Assembly Showcase
Battery Assembly

Battery Assembly Showcase

DLT Industry Integration
Securing the battery supply chain on the IOTA tangle

What is the project about

Battery cells are uniquely identified using a data matrix code and properties of the battery cells are measured in an automated way. These measurements are stored on the IOTA tangle and the customers can access the data and verify their integrity.

Purpose of the project

Within this showcase the viability of a DLT ("distributed ledger technology") application for the industry is shown. With the use of a public DLT information about assets can be stored in a decentralised and secure way. Especially in regard to batteries which are seen as a problem material, transparency to all parties throughout the entire life cycle is important.


Together with the Graz University of Technology, Institute of Production Engineering, we found a strong and motivated partner for making this showcase a reality. We cooperated very closely during the development of the application in order to make the design and the functionalities as customer orientated as possible.

block42’s role

block42 acted not only as the development partner for the blockchain application but also as valuable partner for the overall implementation with regards to customer’s needs.

Project duration

For the first installation of the showcase roughly 2 months were needed.

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