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App Development & Blockchain Integration
True Limitation through Blockchain

What is the project about

The STIN is a styrian premium gin distiller. For the limited edition of their Distiller’s Cut, we equipped 999 bottles with contactless crypto chips and secured the limitation on the blockchain.


By strongly working together with all involved parties we identified the need for a solution like this. With our agile development process we were able to quickly get a working prototype and enhance the features from there on.

block42’s role

block42 acted as the project lead and communication axis for all partners in this project. We brought in our expertise in App & Blockchain development in order to make The STIN Distiller’s Cut available the way it is right now.

Purpose of the project

By utilizing NFC and blockchain technology the limited edition is physically and digitally secured. Through the use of open and transparent ecosystems the power switches to the end consumers. Not even STIN of block42 can manipulate the number of available bottles without the customers noticing.

Project duration

From the idea to the point where the fine distillate was filled in bottles and equipped with crypto chips it took 5 months.

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